What Is Important?


Spending some time to contemplate the spin or roll of the Roller to decide what I appreciate most I found has changed over the years.  As a youngster it was all in the depth.  I didn’t care really what the bird looked like to get to the greater depths just as long as it got there.  My attentions began to drift away to the beauty of proper form and the style the bird exhibited in the roll.  I heard phrases like “ball bearing smooth” being said and it was a soothing expression to my mind’s ear.  I had thoughts on how the wings should be placed during the spin as to achieve this was being produce more often than not in at least my mind’s eye.  Then thoughts about a high velocity spin began to grow and the idea that the spin should or even could achieve a point that the vaulted “hole” could not be seen.  The violence of the spin simply made the spinning pigeon look like a ball of feathers as the feathers seem to fill “the hole”.  Then I began to sense that a pigeon that does not break, but seldom was not as a fun time as the kit of rollers that was often breaking into a good size bunches and spinning.  I was having much more fun and the pigeons seemed to be celebrating and having fun as well.

I broke the spin of a Roller down into four areas to be valued against.  In no specific order I laid it out as:




Form an