Birmingham Roller! There has been enough written about this bird to fill a library. I think I have read most of what has been written in my twenty plus years in the sport , and you probably have too. How much of what has been written have you put into practice?

To be a good roller man is simple. Start with good birds that YOU HAVE SEEN ROLL, keep them clean and fed, and fly them regular. Pick the best spinners and breed them together and keep good records. Now that doesn’t sound too difficult to do! But for some reason not many have the discipline to do these few simple things.

It takes self discipline to set a goal and work towards that goal, and in rollers you must start out with a goal in mind.



A few years ago, I realized that my rollers were not as frequent as I would like them to be. To compete in such high class competition fly’s as the World Cup, I would need to do something about this problem. I set a goal to resolve