ASRA Championship Fly Rules

Kit Size

The kit size may range from 15 to 20 birds


The flier shall have up to five minutes from release of the first bird to declare "time-in”, after which scoring shall commence. Prior to time-in, the flier may delete from the kit, or release additional birds as substitutions for, any birds that land, crash, or are captured by predators. Upon declaring time-in, the flier shall also announce the kit size. At time-in, all birds in the air, which were released by the flier, shall be considered part of the kit. Any birds over 20 shall be considered “extra birds” and their number shall be discounted from all kit turns whether they are in or out of the kit during such turns.

Fly time

The kit is "in judgment" for 20 minutes after time-in or until a bird lands, whichever occurs first.  If the bird(s) are forced down and lands due the weather or birds of prey and 15 birds remain airborne the time continues to run.  Scoring continues as long as there are no outbird.  There has to be a minimum of 15 birds airborne in kit for scoring and with no bird outA bird down that spontaneously crashes shall be given up to 10 seconds to resurrect and resume flight or else it shall be considered out and the fly ends and kit disqualifies if the kit has not achieved the minimum of 15 minute flight time..