The air comes alive with the action of wings

A kit of pigeons cavorting in the sky

Performing rollers,

The acrobats of the heavens

Mosaics of color like flowers dancing in the wind

Descendants of the winged envoys of Noah

As much a blessing as the rainbow itself

Tiny replicas of angelic creatures

Presented as soothing balm for restless souls

That man might feel the pleasure of being God

They fly in unison; a synchronized squadron

Free spirits, climbing, soaring, turning and diving

Somersaulting backwards with incredible velocity

Rotating, head over tail, at speeds approaching a blur

Descending earthward, spinning down from the clouds

But in control, snapping out of a thirty foot drop

And quickly rejoining formation

Then, on signal, they alight

And trap in to food and safety

Leaving a silent canopy above

With no hint of what has gone before!

Al Perron

1931 - 2011



         To be a member contact one of the listed people or Nick Siders -  We are looking for people who reside in the State of Arkansas or the surrounding states who live close enough to participate in club activities.  Those who do not live geographically close enough, but donate or attend an occasional club function will be considered a Friend of the ASRA and will be placed on our mailing list.  It is a dues free club.


                           Arkansas State Roller Association

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