What should be explained first is the difference between a Tumbler and a Roller.  They both do a backward somersault that in its initiation appears to be similar, but what happens after that separates the breed categories.  Rollers will repeat that occurrence over and over with some of them doing it in an unbroken events for several yards.  Some of the breeds fly in kits of several birds; others will fly in a loose assembly of just a few; and others are solo performers.  Some roller breeds listed below are rare and may not even exist in the United States or no longer perform adequately if at all. The performance has simply been breed out of them usually for the show pen or for a color not indigenous to the breed.

The following is a list of Roller breeds:

Birmingham Roller - See page "About The Breed"  There are performance competitions held in the United States

Central Asiatic Roller - Primarily a performance pigeon and known for its tumultuous rolling from a considerable altitude.  A very old breed that is apparently centuries old.  Tail is held slightly elevated and wings droop to the floor.  It is plain headed and grouse-footed.  The breed has been introduced to the United States, but is very rare.  We are not aware of any performance competitions being held.