Constitution and Bylaws for
The Arkansas State Roller Association


1.  Introduction

This club is for those who enjoy the performing or flying roller pigeon; especially the Birmingham Roller.  It will be a state wide club functioning in the State of Arkansas.  Interested people within the state and also bordering states that are geography close enough to participate are welcome to be members. The interested people who are beyond geographical reason-ability for participation or have other commitments and are contributors in support of the club are considered Friends of the ASRA.  It also includes those that have on occasion participated in an ASRA event, but cannot commit to membership will also be considered Friends of the ASRA.  Friends will be placed on the club's mailing list.  There will be a scheduled events ranging from an annual picnic or fellowship meeting; a Kick Off meeting; and two scheduled competition flies to decide an Arkansas State Roller Association Champion; and an 11 Bird Fly.  These competition events will be separate from the annual World Cup Fly and the annual NBRC National Championship Fly of which the club supports.  It is not necessary to be a member of the NBRC to be a member of the ASRA, but it is strongly recommended.

There are no membership dues, but you will be required to join; in other words make a commitment to be a part of the club; to be a member. Needed moneys will be generated by a “pay as you go” system of support.  There may be raffles, auctions, and items for at the annual picnic. Donations will be voluntarily assessed; there will be entry fee donations in the competition events to cover costs.  A  newsletter will be published covering membership news; scheduling of events; and any pertinent information deemed important to the club and to the hobby as needed.

The club will be a fun; relaxed; and informative club that all can be proud of and excited about.  The club will endeavor to maintain or improve the performance levels of the Birmingham Roller and their care.  The club has grown a website to be used for information and education: and it will be updated a minimum of once monthly .

Changes to the Constitution and/or Bylaws require an unanimous vote from all that are present at a club event other than a fly.  The events will be announced and an agenda will be published.

2.  Name of club.

The name of the club has been established as the Arkansas State Roller Association (ASRA) .

3. Purpose

The club’s purpose is to bring people interested in the performing roller pigeon together for camaraderie; the sharing of information; improving our loft management techniques and skills; having fun; the enjoyment of both competition and backyard flying.

4.  Legal.

The club will not promote, conduct, or condone any illegal activities.

5.  Competitions.

There will be two 20 bird kit competitions held and the champion will be establish by the most successful flyer of the three events.  Kit size is 20 birds and the rules are the NBRC 20 Bird Kit rules with  modifications.  You must be a member to compete in the club fly's.

The Championship will be decided by the highest accumulated score from the two events.

There will be an eleven bird kit competition.  The rules used are NBRC 11 Bird Kit rules with modifications.

Those members wishing to compete who live outside of Arkansas should live within 50 miles outside the borders of Arkansas to be considered.  Exceptions can be examined.

A plaque will be awarded to the club’s champion 20 bird kit flyer and the champion 11 bird kit flyer. .  Additional plaques or awards can be added at the membership's discretion.

6.  Membership Expulsion.

Members will be dismissed from the club in the event of fighting or threatening another member or anyone taking part in a club function or any infractions that the membership deems worthy of dismissal.

7.  Club Positions

Elections will be held every two years and positions will be added as club grows.  There are no term limits.

President - will conduct and/or organize all club functions until club grows and new positions are required.  He will do this with the agreement of the membership.  Current duties:  Treasurer; Website Manager; Band Secretary; Event Coordinator; Secretary/Recorder

Vice President - assists the President and other duties as assigned.