11 Bird Kit Rules

Kit Size

The kit size shall be 11 birds.

Time in

The flyer shall have up to 5 {five} minutes from release of the first bird to declare
“time-in”, after which scoring shall commence. Prior to time-in the flyer can make
whatever adjustments to the kit he deems necessary. At time-in there must be at
least 11 birds in the air or the kit will be disqualified. At time-in, all birds
in the air, which were released by the flyer, shall be considered part of the kit.

Fly Time

The kit is “in judgment” for 20 minutes after time-in or until a bird lands whichever occurs first. All 11 birds must fly for a minimum of 15 minutes unless driven down or away by a bird of prey or extreme weather.  A bird driven away by a bird of prey is not considered an out bird   A bird down that spontaneously crashes shall be given up to 10 seconds to resurrect and resume flight or else it shall be considered out and the fly is terminated as a disqualification if the 15 minutes minimum has not been satisfied .