A Theory of Stock Sense                      


Stock sense is not learned or taught. Stock sense is what many call in the livestock or animal arena a gift. Again not taught or learned. You either have it or you don't. It's the recognition of high quality animals without scientific back up or pedigrees or charts. Many call it having a good gut instinct. 

Those with stock sense are successful breeders and competitors with animals. Most with good stock sense can find the highest quality in just about any type of domesticated animal with minimal knowledge.

Breeding principals are the same in all animals and those with stock sense can apply the principals of breeding to produce and recognize a high quality animal. They also follow the laws of probability when breeding and selecting animals without the use of pedigrees; it is all about recognition. Those with stock sense are the ones that are not swayed by outside influences and they have the sense to only breed for the best and accept only the best. - Paul Fullerton(edited)