Bill Roy - Springfield, MO (Attended)

Carl Braker - Fredricksburg, TX (Attended)

Eldon Cheney - Lonedel, MO (Attended and donated)

Tommy Ragland - Bristow, OK (Attended)

Bob Anderson - Tupelo, OK (Attended and donated)

Ben Winkelman - Cantonment, FL (Attended)

Terry McDevitt - Bristow, OK (Attended)

Don Sutton - Prosper,  TX (Donated)

Bob Simpson - Skyland, NC (Donated)

Bob Westfall - Branson, MO (Donated)

Anne Schneider - Austin, TX (Attended)

Dan Galarza - St. James, MO (Donated) 

Lyn Westfall - Kansas City, MO (Donated)