ASRA Remaining Schedule For 2015.


8. October 24 National Young Bird Show Kentucky Exposition Center Pavilion Building Louisville, Kentucky

9 October 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, November 1 Region 5 NBRC Fly (dates subject to change)

10. November 11, 12, and 13.  NBRC Final for Region 5

11. December 12 Oklahoma Pigeon Association Show Oklahoma Exposition Center Shawnee, Oklahoma (date subject to change)

12. December 19, 20 ASRA Winter 11 Bird Burnout

13. January 2, 2016 St. Lois All Breed Show Gray Summit, MO Purina Farms

14. January 16, 2016 ASRA Kick Off Conway, AR

I never could see what people called eye sign. I even talked to Paul Bradford about his article. I finally gave up and decided the bird should have two eyes , one on each side of it's head. I do see what you are talking about. A roller should have an intelligent look. The most important eyes are the loft owners.- James Turner

We hear this often, if the judge judges everyone the same the best kit will win.  This simply is not true.  


If a judge is too tight several breaks/kits will get little or no score at all which outside of the rules.  The judge is to score good clean roll which is 10' or more and finishes cleanly.  Requiring them to roll deeper or with only a certain style or speed is being biased toward one's preferences. 


Conversely, a judge who is very loose can be a even greater detriment than the aforementioned.  Loose judges are not loose judges on purpose, they simply are those who cannot differentiate properly between actual scoreable roll from mere activity.


We can come up with all the rules and guidelines we want.  Roller judging will always be a subjective endeavor because it is one man's opinion and those who judge do not all have the same eyesight capabilities.  


Rick  (Mee)