Flier Speaking - In the Bible it said they placed rods in the water underneath the sheep and they turned colors.  I put metal rods under my loft; the rods became magnetized naturally or supernaturally and the birds changed colors.

Flier Speaking - The roll gene is locked in the color modifier somehow.  Rollers of a certain color or spread just roll. (Giving an explanation why he feels an Andalusian rolls)

Flier Speaking - I do not use corn in my feed.  I stopped getting canker when I stopped using corn.

Flier Speaking - Grizzles roll hotter.  A double dose of grizzle is what I use to get the frequency back into my birds.

Flier Speaking - You can breed and feed for frequency.

Flier Speaking - I have been using ionizer bulbs for light in my lofts and they seem to be working at taking much of the dust from the air.  They are a little expensive, but the results are positive.

Flier Speaking - It always amazes me that everyone who use to have Racing Homers always had champions